OFFICE OF Substance Use And Mental Health Overview

The Office of Substance Use and Mental Health (OSUMH) is Utah’s public mental health and substance use authority. This office consults and coordinates with federal, state, and local partners regarding programs and services. The office also contracts for substance use and mental health programs funded with state and federal funds.

  • Vision: Healthy individuals, families and communities
  • Mission: Promote health, hope, and healing.

SUMH Strategic Initiatives


  • Advance prevention and early intervention to reduce the impact of substance use and mental health disorders, substance misuse, and to promote well-being.
  • Continue to develop a comprehensive and integrated mental health crisis response system.
  • Work to improve access to high quality treatment and recovery services.
  • Reduce the time spent on activities that do not contribute toward the OSUMH result.
  • Foster a work culture where everyone feels supported, valued, and safe.
  • Monitor services and systems to improve outcomes and ensure fiscal responsibility.

DSAMH Strategic Initiatives-Full Document
Executive Summary Strategic Initiatives

Key Principles

  • Quality services, programs, and systems promote individual and community wellness.
  • Education improves understanding of prevention and treatment of substance abuse services.
  • Leadership understands and meets the needs of consumers and families.
  • Partnerships with consumers, families, providers, and local/state authorities are strong.
  • Services and systems that are evidence based, results focused, and financially responsible.

Scope of Responsibility

  • For an explanation of responsibilities see Utah State Code Annotated 26b-5-104.

Notice of Privacy Practices

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