OFFICE OF Substance Use And Mental Health Overview

The Office of Substance Use and Mental Health (SUMH) was created as Utah’s substance abuse and mental health authority by Utah statute §62A-15-103. We oversee the publicly funded prevention and treatment system. If you, a friend, or family member is struggling with a mental health problem or a problem with alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, there is help available.

SUMH Strategic Initiatives

The SUMH Strategic Initiatives detail the division policies, systems and programs, and activities to achieve our legislated mandates. They are:

  • Focus on prevention and early intervention
  • Develop a recovery-oriented System of Care, led by people in recovery, that is trauma-informed and evidence-based
  • Strengthen the system of care for children and youth that is family-driven, youth guided, and community based to make sure that it is culturally/linguistically competent
  • Encourage integrated programs that address an individual’s substance use disorder, mental health, and physical healthcare needs
  • Zero suicides in Utah

DSAMH Strategic Initiatives-Full Document
Executive Summary Strategic Initiatives

Key Principles

  • Quality services, programs, and systems promote individual and community wellness.
  • Education improves understanding of prevention and treatment of substance abuse services.
  • Leadership understands and meets the needs of consumers and families.
  • Partnerships with consumers, families, providers, and local/state authorities are strong.
  • Accountability in services and systems that are evidence based, results focused, and financially responsible.

Scope of Responsibility

  • Make sure that prevention/treatment services for substance abuse and mental health are available throughout the state.
  • SUMH contracts with local county governments statutorily designated as local substance abuse and local mental health authorities, to provide prevention or treatment services.
  • Provide oversight and policy direction to local authorities.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of mental health and substance abuse services through an annual site review process, reviews local area plans, and reviews program outcome data.
  • Provide technical assistance and training to local authorities and evaluate the effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs to share information with stakeholders.
  • Supervises the administration of the Utah State Hospital.

For an explanation of responsibilities see Utah State Code Annotated (§62A-15-103).