Child, youth, and families

Children and teens grow and succeed when their communities work together to care for their needs and support change. At the Office of Substance Use and Mental Health (SUMH), we work to better the social and emotional health of Utah’s children and their families. We support child focused behavioral health efforts while teaming up with stakeholders and community partners across Utah to advance behavioral health services across a full range of care in all settings for children and their families.

Stabilization and Mobile Response (SMR)

Call 1-833-723-3326 or 988 to get help from an SMR team for your youth. It's free.

It can be hard to know

if your child’s thoughts and behaviors are normal for their age or a sign of something more serious. Sometimes you may not know where to turn for help—and you may need help right now if your child: 

  • Threatens to hurt themself or others
  • Is verbally or physically aggressive
  • Uses substances
  • Destroys or steals property

A mobile crisis response team can help address urgent challenges your child is having. These services are free to everyone in Utah, no matter where you live. Learn more about stabilization and mobile response, or SMR.