Consumer Satisfaction Surveys


SUMH and federal funding require all providers to conduct an annual survey of consumer satisfaction and self-reported treatment outcomes. There are three surveys covering different populations. These include: an adult survey (MHSIP), a youth survey (YSS) for youth ages 12-17, and a family/guardian survey (YSS-F) for all children/youth. The surveys are administered as a point-in-time survey for a minimum of four weeks during December-March and are completed by clients of both substance use disorder and mental health services.

Utah Survey Validation

Utah conducted a confirmatory factor analysis to test construct validity of the Utah Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program (MHSIP) consumer satisfaction survey reporting structure. Findings using Utah data showed statistical appropriateness of reported domains and the use of the adult survey with substance use and mental health clients.

Computation of scores

The following methods, which are those used by the federal government, were used to calculate domain scores for the scales and graphs in this report:

  • “Not applicable” values are considered null and surveys with more than 1/3 of the items in the scale missing are excluded from the results of that scale.
  • For each respondent, for each scale, calculate an average (mean) score for all items in the scale.
  • For each scale, count the number of mean scores (Step 2) that is less than 2.5. These scores, when rounded, represent “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” responses.
  • For each scale, divide the results of Step 3 by the number (count) of Step 2 scores computed to obtain a percent of favorable responses.
  • Providers with a sample rate of completed surveys less than 10% were not scored.

For a copy of the survey instruments and information, contact Ryan Carrier from SUMH, at email